hstn.me Google Search Engine and Browser Block The Free Hosting Domain Please Fix This

Google search engine and browser are blocking hstn.me please get the domain unblocked

This message I get using a chrome browser

If this is not fixed really soon I am leaving there is no point to use this free host if 70% off people trying to view your site think it is virus really your site is clean it is just the domain is blocked. I will leave when I finish building my site in a few days.


  • We are really sorry for the problem you faced. Actually it appears to the the SSL problem. You can enable SSL from Cloudflare.

     You can connect to Cloudflare directly from the Vpanel/Control Panel.

    Go to your vPanel => Cloudflare => (Choose Your Domain) => Alter Cloudflare

    It can take up to 24 hours for the SSL to completely work.

  • Cloudflare sucks I should not have to use it it is on your end.

  • I've got details of the problem. I'ts currently being solved. Have patience in us.

  • Thx let me know when it is fixed

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